Bobbi Blain is a Townsend certified leadership director, executive coach, and therapist.  She participated in the Townsend Counselor Training Program in Indianapolis, Indiana for three years.  She has specialized training in affective/experiential-focused therapy, which maintains a focus on the healing nature of relationship.  She works with individuals to come alongside them during difficult times, working to ease overwhelming or isolating feelings that can get in the way of finding satisfaction and enjoyment in life.  Within this trusting relationship, she helps individuals gain understanding and strength to deal with difficulties and discover new ways of being and relating that transform them and their relationships.  She cares about the whole-person-emotions, body and spirit.  She has a personal commitment to Christ and provides faith based perspectives only when desired.

Bobbi received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from Montana State University-Bozeman, and a Master of Science Degree in Psychology from Montana State University-Billings.

Bobbi is a member of the American Psychological Association and the American Association of Christian Counselors.

Bobbi Blain Leadership Coaching
phone: 406-860-1208
address: 1018 N 30th Street Billings MT 59101