A Townsend certified leadership director, Bobbi Blain is a licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Billings, Montana. Having participated in the Townsend Counselor Training Program for three years, Bobbi specializes in affect/experiential, AEDP, EFT, and Psychodramatic Therapy which all focus on the healing nature of the relationship.

Bobbi is especially passionate about coming alongside people experiencing difficult times and focuses on whole-person emotions, both body, and spirit. By building a relationship founded on trust, she partners with individuals to overcome the hardships that hinder satisfaction and enjoyment in life. By lending understanding and strength, she focuses on creating new experiences to deal with difficulties and transform relationships. She has a personal commitment to Christ, and provides faith-based perspectives only when requested.

Bobbi received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from Montana State University-Bozeman, and a Master of Science Degree in Psychology from Montana State University-Billings. She is a member of the American Psychological Association and the American Association of Christian Counselors.

My Story

A Billings, Montana native, Bobbi Blain earned her Nursing Degree from Montana State University Bozeman and her Masters of Psychology from Montana State University Billings. She and her husband Al have raised three children—AJ, Erin, and Bridger— and, except for a few years of California living, have called Billings their home.

As their children entered late adolescence, Bobbi began to notice unhealthy patterns emerging in the family but struggled to identify the root of the issue. This initiated a quest to understand what was truly going on relationally and, when their church offered a Boundaries class, Bobbi and Al signed up in hopes that it would bring clarity to the situation. The course helped them realize their struggle to set and maintain healthy boundaries. From here, Bobbi enrolled in a counselor’s training program through her church and began volunteering as a lay counselor the following year.

Bobbi discovered her passion for counseling when she attended the first One Week Intensive with Dr. John Townsend and Dr. Henry Cloud. After the course, she knew counseling was definitely an area she wanted to pursue and started working towards pursuing her master’s degree in Psychology.

In 2012 Bobbi and Al began the Townsend Counselor Training Program (TCTP) and Townsend Leadership Program (TLP) with Dr. John Townsend. Al is approaching his fifth year in John’s platinum TLP Program. June of 2014 proved a landmark for Bobbi when she earned her certification as a Townsend Leadership Coach and began forming a TLP group of her own in Billings.

The Blain’s quest for growth and healing has been a family affair. Their son AJ, was a member of a TLP in Indianapolis, until his death in July of 2013. Erin participated in the TCTP and Bridger is approaching his third year in TLP under the direction of Scott Makin, director of the Townsend Institute. Each member has benefitted tremendously from these programs—experiencing transformational gains in business, relationship, and leadership performance.

Knowing the significant impact the program made on her own life, Bobbi’s passion lies in coming alongside others that they may experience the same life-changing outcomes for themselves. Bobbi is currently interviewing for her TLP group in Billings, Montana.

Bobbi’s business skills in her family business, added to her high level of competence as a therapist, make her the consummate TLP Director. She knows how to find the best strengths of a leader and develop to even higher levels, as well as how to target areas of development and provide the skills needed to build them up. Bobbi has been in my training program for multiple years, and thoroughly understands the leadership growth paradigm. She goes for the “competency + character” model, and she is talented with both. 

Dr. John Townsend 
Founder of Townsend Leadership Program