leadership coaching

Growth is Key

For business leaders, executives, pastors and work professionals, there can come a point where you may feel yourself reaching a plateau in your relational effectiveness. If you have felt a growing sense of disconnection with your spouse, boss, colleagues or children, Leadership Coaching’s model of one-on-one monthly coaching offers a supportive, safe, and confidential setting where you can bring what’s hindering you.


Accelerate Your Impact

I follow a coaching model based on accelerated experiential dynamic psychotherapy (AEDP) to produce measurably greater effectiveness in every area of life, including your business’s bottom line. In fact, research shows that business leaders, executives, pastors and work professionals who dedicate time to work in relational health principles experience an average of 8.2% greater impact in their work and family relationships.


Connect With Me

If you’re feeling stuck or wish for more fulfillment in life, contact me below. Leadership Coaching can help take necessary steps to create greater outcomes and satisfaction in your life, relationships, and career.

Bobbi’s commitment to the growth process is evident in her love for people, her pursuit of the latest research and living out these passions in her own life.  I feel tremendous gratitude for her investment in my growth and that of my family.

– W.R.