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Accelerated Relational Performance Groups

Improve your work efficiency and life satisfaction

Research shows that business leaders, executives, pastors and work professionals who dedicate time to work in relational health principles experience an average of 8.2% greater impact in their work and family relationships. This carries positive implications for workplace efficiency, satisfaction in home life, and improved career opportunities.

Every Other Month strategy sessions

Accelerated Relational Performance Groups are focused strategy sessions for leaders interested in taking their leadership and relational skills to the next level. These Performance Groups follow a coaching model based on accelerated experiential dynamic psychotherapy (AEDP) to produce measurably greater effectiveness in every area of life, including your business’s bottom line.

8.2% greater impact in their work and family relationships

— SixSeconds

Performance Groups

These small groups provide a supportive, safe, and confidential setting in which leaders are able to bring what’s hindering them. Each group of six meets together for one full day every other month for one year. Discussion is always confidential, building trust as the cornerstone for accelerated growth. Each member of the group works individually on their own growth.  The group provides supportive witnessing based on each member’s own internal experience reducing the likelihood of projections, criticism or judgment.

Didactic Teaching Sessions

Didactic teaching sessions are one and a half to two hours each. All sessions provide a setting for participants to ask questions and interact meaningfully with each other and the material.


Relevant reading material recommendations inspire thought and provide a common foundation to create meaningful discussion. Each assigned reading supplements our bi-monthly discussions and integrates with the didactic teachings. 


Group members will partner with a different teammate each month to meet with between sessions. Sharing, discussing, and connecting all help regulate emotions and catalyze growth.


Individual Coaching

This is a chance to bring your own topics for discussion. Get one-on-one coaching for your most challenging situations. These regular check-ins help facilitate growth towards your goals or intentions. 

Schedule an Interview

If you feel you’ve hit a plateau in your leadership growth and want to improve your effectiveness in your work and family life, schedule an interview to see if there are Performance Group openings available or to bring your own group of 6 that you would like to work through this process with. 

I am very appreciative for this group and the impact it has had in my life over the past three years.  It has provided the appropriate challenges needed in my life, healing in areas of woundedness, and personal growth that would otherwise not be realized.   My time with this group has compelled me to be more of the person I was created to be. 

– M.E.